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Why am I getting blocked from logging into my account?

As part of our security improvements we have a number of safety gates that are in place in order to protect your account and to protect .  You might encounter some of them from time to time, depending upon your usage.

Why am I getting blocked from logging in?

This likely means that you recently attempted and failed your login attempt several times recently.  Please be patient as we will lock you out temporarily, approximately 1 hour, and then you can try again.  This approach minimizes the risk that an unauthorized user can log into your account.

Why do I get kicked out of my session while logged in?

We limit our logins to assure that an unauthorized user might be concurrently accessing your account.  Therefore, if you find that you frequently get kicked out of a session, it might mean that someone else has accessed your account while you were logged in.  Please change your password to protect your account.  Or contact us if you need help in determining the cause of this problem.  live chat


How to switch to Quick View

We know we present a lot of data on each page.  In some circumstances, this can be too much data for a single page.  If you would prefer to see fewer results per page load, you can change your view preferences by going to your profile  and navigating to the Preferences section:

Once you’re there, choose “Quick View”.  This will reduce the number of results shown on the Top Advertiser and Top Ads pages to ten ads or advertisers rather than the standard 25.  This can be useful if you have a slow internet connection or if you prefer to minimize scrolling for smaller display areas.

Note that this feature is available to all of our Adbeat Pro accounts, but not our Free Tool users.  If you only have access to the Free Tool, consider upgrading now.

How to add Private Labeling to your reports

Private Labeling is a feature that will enhance your company’s professionalism by allowing you to replace the Adbeat logo on the reports with your own company logo.  Reports like this Sample Advertiser Report with Google Private Label or the Sample Advertiser Vertical Report with Private Label will bear your company logo.  This feature is only available to our Enterprise Plan users.  (Want to upgrade to get this feature?  Just let us know!)

Note that if you are using a seat on an Enterprise Plan, please contact your Account Administrator to use the Private Labeling feature.

First, access your Profile and go to the Private Labeling section:

Once you’re there, you can use the navigation links on the left or the Change Name and Change Logo hyperlinks on the Private Labeling page.

You can replace “Adbeat” with your company name.  (Note that the name cannot include special characters such as #@% etc.)

Adding your company logo is also straightforward.  You can choose to upload any .jpg or .png file, but consider using a size that is at least 500×500 pixels.


Managing my subscription

For the Adbeat Pro Accounts:  To manage your subscription, first go to your profile page.  Using the navigation, go to Billing & Plans and then to Change Plan:

Here you’ll be able to see all available plans.  Note that there are additional options to be found in the Special Plans as well as discounted plans in the Yearly page.

Simply select the plan that works best for your needs today!

How do I get access to more features?

We have a variety of plans to fit your needs.  Check out the differences between all of the plans you can choose between.  If you’d like to upgrade, there are several easy ways:

Upgrade from the app

In the header of the app UI, you can click on the upper left hand plan name (your current plan) and a drop down menu will appear with other subscription upgrade options:

Upon clicking on a plan of your choice, you can see a short summary of the features of that plan, should you choose to upgrade.  For example, here we show a current Standard Plan user looking at the option of upgrading to an Advanced Plan:


The modal shows you the cost differential and a quick highlight of additional features you can get.  By hovering over any of the hyperlinked features, you can get a more detailed description:

Click on the “Get Adbeat Advanced” blue button and you’ll arrive at your profile page where you can take a look at a table comparing the various plans.  When you’re ready, simply click on the “Upgrade” button on the plan of your choice and you can start to enjoy your new features right away.  We’ll even prorate any payment you made toward the unused time on your current subscription and apply it to your new plan.

Note that if you’re interested in our Enterprise plan, click on the “Contact” button, fill in any missing information, add any special instructions and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

If you have any specific questions about the plans, or if you’d be interested in a demo, feel free to contact us by clicking on the message icon at the bottom right hand corner of every page.  We’d love to hear from you.

Upgrade from a Feature

In the course of using the Adbeat app, you might find yourself clicking on a feature that you would like, but find that it is not available to you.  In these instances, the feature is clickable, but it will trigger a modal that shows the specific feature of interest and which plan you’ll need to get access to it.  In this example, the Standard plan user is interested in the ad tags feature and will then see this information presented which will inform her of what she needs to get access specifically to ad tags:

You can simply click on the “Contact Us” or “Get Adbeat …” button to start your access to that feature!

Upgrade from the Profile page

You can also access your profile settings and go to “Billing and Plans” to access upgrade and downgrade options.

Just Upgrade Me

If you’d rather skip the in-app upgrade process or if you’re having difficulties, please feel free to just contact one of our sales team members and they will get your account upgraded for you!  Just click on the message icon in the lower right corner of any page:

Click on “New Conversation”:

Add any specific information that you’d like and once you submit it by clicking on the icon, we’ll get back to you within a few hours to help you out.



Where can I find my past invoices?

To see your past invoices with Adbeat, access your profile page and navigate to the “Billing and Plans” section.

From here you can download and view any or all of your past receipts.  Any questions on your billing?  Feel free to contact us!  live chat

How do I update my credit card on file?

At Adbeat, we use a recurring subscription model and charge your credit card on file at the beginning of each billing cycle.  Should you need to change or update your credit card on file, simply access your profile settings and navigate to the “Update Credit Card” page or access it directly from the profile overview page.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for these recurring charges.  If you’d rather not use or submit a credit card, please contact us and we can make other arrangements that suit your needs.  live chat


How do I downgrade my plan?

Are you finding that you’re not using the plan as you’d initially expected?  No problem.  You can simply follow the same steps above that you would for upgrading and instead, choose a plan with fewer features.  Don’t forget that there are some specialized plans that might work for you as well.  They can be found on the profile page:

Note that when you downgrade, we will change your plan at the time of your request, but we will not be able to refund you monies that you have already paid for your current plan.  Your new, lower rate will be billed at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you’re finding that you no longer use Adbeat, canceling is simple.  Just access your profile settings and navigate to the “Billing and Plans” section.  Take a moment to inform us of your reason for wanting to cancel so that we can better serve you in the future.

Note that we are unable to refund your unused subscription if you are past the first 30 days period, but you won’t be billed at the renewal date and your plan access will be terminated at that point as well.  We thank you for trying out Adbeat and look forward to working with you in the future.


Changing your password

There are several ways that you can change your account password.

Note that if you are using a seat on an Enterprise plan, you’ll need to contact your Account Administrator to get your password changed.

From your Profile page

Access your account settings by going to your profile page and using the navigation to see the Password 

Make sure that you see the confirmation message:

Ask Us to Change the Password

In the event that you’re having difficulties with getting your password changed, please feel free to contact us to assist you.  live chat

Can I get a refund?

Can I get a refund?

Yes. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your subscription during the first thirty days, just send an email to [email protected] or use the live chat anywhere on our site and we’ll issue a refund. No hassles, no hoops to jump through.

Can I get a discount?

While we don’t offer discounts for the normal monthly subscription price, we do offer a discounted yearly price for all plans.

If you’re not an existing user, you can go to our pricing page and select the Yearly pricing option.

If you’re an existing user, you can switch to a yearly subscription by visiting the Change Plan section of your profile page    Then all you have to do is click on on “Yearly” to see the yearly discounts.

You’ll have access to all the same great features you see in a monthly plan, but save money overall.

Need help? Contact us using live chat

What is Adbeat?

Adbeat provides unrivaled insights into the complex world of display and native advertising.  We crawl the web on a massive scale, gather ad intelligence, then turn all that data into insights our customers can use to uncover any advertiser’s online strategy.

Adbeat Coverage

Adbeat leads the industry with coverage for over 140 ad networks, 29 native ad networks, 4 unique device types, and 25 countries.  Coverage for new ad networks and countries are added regularly.

Adbeat Data

Adbeat gathers and processes data on a massive scale.  We crawl over 3 million pages, and process & analyze over 8 million ads every day.  To ensure our customers have the freshest data possible, we update our indexes every 48 hours.  Updates require an array of 24 servers, each with 32 CPUs working in parallel, to process over 344 million combinations of advertiser/country/platform/network/publisher and 460 million combinations of ad/country/platform/network/publisher.  For complete details of how our engineers work their magic, visit Our Data page.

Additional Resources


Who uses Adbeat?

Adbeat is used by a wide variety of digital advertising professionals.  However, most of them fall in one of the following segments: advertisers, agencies, ad networks, and publishers.


Advertisers use Adbeat to see how and where their direct competitors are advertising.  They can see the creatives and landing pages they’re using, reveal the ad networks, exchanges, and channels that are most important and much more.  Find out more about how advertisers use Adbeat.


Agencies use Adbeat to provide insights and value to their clients.  By offering real-time data and an overview of their client’s competitive landscape, they can exceed client expectations and become a more valuable partner.  Find out more about how agencies use Adbeat.

Ad Networks & Publishers

Ad Networks & Publishers use Adbeat to research publishers.  They can see the ad networks they’re using to sell inventory and the advertisers who are buying it.  Adbeat helps ad networks and publishers to prospect more efficiently.  Find out more about how ad networks and publishers use Adbeat.


How to select the right Adbeat plan

Adbeat has a variety of plans, all with different options.  In this article we’ll go over the most popular plans and focus on which use-cases they’re designed for.

Adbeat Free Tools

Best for: doing basic or preliminary research on display and native advertisers.

Adbeat’s Free Tools are perfect for doing preliminary research on display and native advertisers.  Using the Free Tools, you’re able to see how active an advertiser is, the ad channels they’re using (Direct, Native, Programmatic), and how many publisher sites they’re advertising on.  Plus, you can see dozens of ad creatives — all for the low, low price of free!

Super jazzed to get started?  Read How to use Adbeat’s Free Tools and you’re all set.

  • Things to love!
  • Things that are meh.
    • Advertiser Profile provides a great overview of any advertiser’s strategy.
    • Advertiser Ads allows instant access to dozens of ad creatives.
    • Ad Locker lets you save and store ad creatives for reference.
    • It’s free! (as in beer)
    • Free Tools have limited data
      • You only get a broad overview of an advertiser with limited details.
      • You can’t see what ad networks the advertiser is using.
      • You can only see a handful of the advertiser’s publishers and creatives.
    • Free Tools have limited features
      • You can only search by advertiser.
      • Free Tools don’t have filtering.
      • Free Tools don’t allow you to export data or reports.

Adbeat Standard Plan

Best for: small advertisers and publishers.

Using Adbeat Standard you’ll be able to see how advertisers and ads are performing over time.  Every ad creative is available to view at full-size and the powerful keyword search will allow you to discover new ads, advertisers, and publishers that you just can’t access from within the Free Tools.  This means you’ll be able to dig deeper and see more advertisers, ads, and publishers.  Historical data is also increased to 90 days; this additional look-back window allows you to see more significant trends.  Feature-wise, Standard also adds the ability to create & export reports in two formats: CSV and PDF.

For a complete list of this plan’s features see the comparison grid on our pricing page.

  • Things to love!
  • Things that are meh.
    • See Display, Programmatic, and Native Ads.
    • Search for Advertisers, Ads, and Publishers by Keyword.
    • Filter by Ads by Desktop vs. Mobile and See Publisher Placement URLs.
    • Create and Export Reports.
    • See 1000 results per search and 90 days worth of data.
    • You can only see data for all countries combined.
    • All devices are combined; you can’t filter by Apple, Android, Phone, and Tablet.
    • You can’t see ad placements purchased directly from publisher sites (Direct Buys).
    • You can’t see more than 1000 results per search.
    • You can’t see more than 90 days of data.

Adbeat Advanced Plan

Best for: medium to large advertisers and publishers.

Adbeat’s Advanced Plan is our most popular.  While Standard shows advertiser data across all countries combined, the Advanced plan lets you filter by individual country for a more precise, segmented view.  You’re also able to filter by 4 mobile device types (see below) and see “direct buy” ad placements.  Advanced also has unlimited results per search and 1 year of historical data.  The extended data and features allow for a significant boost in insights and functionality.  This plan is the one most selected by medium to large advertisers.

For a complete list of this plan’s features see the comparison grid on our pricing page.

  • Things to love!
  • Things that are meh.
    • See Display, Programmatic, and Native Ads.
    • Filter Ads, Advertisers, and Publishers by Country.
    • Filter by Apple, Android, Phone, and Tablet
    • See ad placements purchased directly from publisher sites (Direct Buys).
    • See Unlimited results per search and 1 year’s worth of data.
    • Includes all of the data and features available in the Standard Plan.
    • You can’t see estimated Ad Spend.
    • You can’t browse top advertisers by Category/Industry.
    • You can’t see performance of grouped ad sets (Campaigns).
    • You don’t get Advanced Reporting Tools, Smart Alerts, Ad Paths or Ad Tags.
    • You can’t see more than 1 year worth of data.

Adbeat Enterprise Plan

Best for: large advertisers and publishers, digital agencies, and ad networks.

Adbeat’s Enterprise Plan builds upon the popular Advanced plan by adding estimated Ad Spend for all advertisers.  It also extends Adbeat’s feature-set by adding the ability to browse by categories/industry and view performance of grouped ad sets in the Campaign view.  You’re also able to see Pre-roll Video ads and access 2 years of historical data. Besides advanced reporting and ad tags, a key feature is the ability to set Smart Alerts.  Smart Alerts allow you to be alerted via email when an advertiser has spent a significant amount of money on a new creative, publisher, or ad network.  Smart Alerts make it easy to keep tabs on a set of competitors or prospective client.

For a complete list of this plan’s features see the comparison grid on our pricing page.

  • Things to love!
  • Things that are meh.
    • See Display, Programmatic, and Native Ads. Plus Pre-roll Video Ads.
    • See estimated Ad Spend for all Advertisers.
    • Browse top Advertisers by Category/Industry.
    • View performance of grouped ad sets (Campaigns).
    • Access Advanced Reporting Tools, Smart Alerts, Ad Paths, Ad Tags, and Brands.
    • See Unlimited results per search and 2 years worth of data.
    • Includes all of the data and features available in the Advanced Plan.
  • There is nothing meh about Adbeat Enterprise.  It’s Adbeat’s most powerful plan!