Adbeat provides unrivaled insights into the complex world of display and native advertising.  We crawl the web on a massive scale, gather ad intelligence, then turn all that data into insights our customers can use to uncover any advertiser’s online strategy.

Adbeat Coverage

Adbeat leads the industry with coverage for over 140 ad networks, 29 native ad networks, 4 unique device types, and 25 countries.  Coverage for new ad networks and countries are added regularly.

Adbeat Data

Adbeat gathers and processes data on a massive scale.  We crawl over 3 million pages, and process & analyze over 8 million ads every day.  To ensure our customers have the freshest data possible, we update our indexes every 48 hours.  Updates require an array of 24 servers, each with 32 CPUs working in parallel, to process over 344 million combinations of advertiser/country/platform/network/publisher and 460 million combinations of ad/country/platform/network/publisher.  For complete details of how our engineers work their magic, visit Our Data page.

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