Adbeat is used by a wide variety of digital advertising professionals.  However, most of them fall in one of the following segments: advertisers, agencies, ad networks, and publishers.


Advertisers use Adbeat to see how and where their direct competitors are advertising.  They can see the creatives and landing pages they’re using, reveal the ad networks, exchanges, and channels that are most important and much more.  Find out more about how advertisers use Adbeat.


Agencies use Adbeat to provide insights and value to their clients.  By offering real-time data and an overview of their client’s competitive landscape, they can exceed client expectations and become a more valuable partner.  Find out more about how agencies use Adbeat.

Ad Networks & Publishers

Ad Networks & Publishers use Adbeat to research publishers.  They can see the ad networks they’re using to sell inventory and the advertisers who are buying it.  Adbeat helps ad networks and publishers to prospect more efficiently.  Find out more about how ad networks and publishers use Adbeat.