Contact Information

All of your account contact information is found together in your User Profile.

Note that if you are a Sub Account user, only the Account Admin (main account holder) will have access to make changes to your contact information.

You can choose to update contact information from the Overview by using the links available:

Or you can use the navigation instead:


Updating your phone number

Please make sure to add a mobile phone number to your account.  With this number, we will be able to notify you with a text in the event that your account information has been compromised.  Without this updated information, you might get blocked from using your account as part of our efforts to keep your account secure.

Update your email address

When you update your email address, please make sure that the address is unique to Adbeat (not already registered) and that you have access to that address.  We will send you a confirmation email with a link that you’ll need to access within 24-hours in order for your change to be accepted.

To change the email address for an Enterprise Account user, simply delete the user and add the user back in with the new address.

Note that any saved settings such as alerts, bookmarks, reports, etc. for the user will be unretrievable once deleted.  If you would like these settings to be preserved for that user, please contact us and we can make the change for you. live chat

For all Sub Accounts, change the email by simply clicking on the Sub Account navigation and editing the email directly.  Note that you may want to make sure that you select the checkbox to send an email to the Sub Account User to inform them of the changes.