How do I manage my seats in my Enterprise plan?

To make any changes to your Enterprise seat users, simply access the profile page and go to “Users”.

In order to update any information for the users, you’ll just need to delete that user and set up a new one or a modified one.  Note, however, that this will delete all of the reports and bookmarks that this particular user has saved.  If you’d rather just do a minor modification such as an email or name update, please contact us and we can take care of it for you! live chat

How do I add more seats?

If you’re using the Enterprise plan, simply click on the word “Enterprise” in the app header and you’ll be able to click on “Add more seats” in the drop down menu.

We’ll get a conversation going to get you those additional seats as soon as possible:

How do I add a Sub Account to a non Enterprise plan?

Let’s say you would like to share your Adbeat Pro plan with one of your clients or a teammate. If you have a monthly Standard or Advanced plan you can add this feature.  Simply access your profile settings and navigate to the Sub Accounts page:

Once you’re there, just click on the “Add a Sub Account…” button and you’re done!

You can set up the access information for that Sub Account or cancel it at any time from this same area in your profile settings:

If you’d like to create a Sub Account, but see this message

it means you are on a plan that does not qualify for this feature either because of the plan level, or because it is a yearly discounted plan.  Please contact us.  We can help you get access to the feature.  live chat